In order to improve the sustainability of our products, we investigate the issues related to breeding.

Our research has shown that there are alternatives to intensive stable farming or traditional extensive farming.

Researches such as Allan Savory and André Marcel Voisin have developed grazing strategies that mimic the natural behavior of herbivores in nature. The presence of predators in fact forces ruminants to seek the protection of similar by moving in groups and continuously.

In rational grazing strategies, animals are grazed in groups on small lots and moved frequently. The benefits of this system are many:

– The pastures are only grazed when it is in the right stage of growth so the fertility and biodiversity increased over the years.

– Animals enjoy a grazing life with benefits in their health.

– The farmer has more productive pastures and consequently can increase the number of cattle.

It has been shown that desertification is in many cases attributable to farming or cultivation techniques that impoverish the soil. The application of regenerative farming techniques has proved to be valid to combat this phenomenon by restoring grazing to its initial fertility condition.

Many breeders already apply these innovative systems. The Savory Institute offers them training courses and certifies their practices through the “Ecological Outcome Verification” audit.

We have a solid supply chain that allows us to offer a wide range of our articles also on leathers raised by EOV certified producers. We hope this will be a way to substantially improve the environmental impact of leather products.

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